In my breeding, I select those with the absolute best temper. This is super important with Soft Furs because they still are generally skitty and a bit difficult to handle safely.

None of my Soft Furs bite today. I can pet them and lift them up. Some of them jump away when held, this is an unwanted trait I want more breeders to pay attention to. I only breed the once that stay calmly in my hands and don´t jump away WITHOUT being paralysed with fear.

Breeding healthy Soft Furs is off course also important. I stopped breeding the white ones due to some unwanted temper and health issues. So far I have had no cases of health problems in the ones I breed now. Off course it will take a long time to get a good evaluation of the inherited health.

Soft Furs develope slowly. It takes about 4 months before I have a good idea of which pups are the best. I keep females and males separate and wait until the female is 6 months before I let her have her first litter. For me it is also important that both males and females get along well with their group.