About me and my website

My name is Sophia and I have created this website Djurlycka, "Animal Happiness". The name represents that all animals have the right to be happy, but also the happiness they can bring us.

When I was a young, I came home with all kinds of different wild animals like toads, fish, shrimp and insects. I grew up with birds and fish; other animals were long forbidden at home because my grandmother was allergic to fur. When I was ten years old, I finally got my first furry friend, a Syrian hamster. I loved her so much!

There have been lots of wonderful pets since then. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a veterinarian and therefore practiced four months at a clinic. Although it was very interesting, I had to rethink my choice of career. Instead of working mainly with wounded animals, I wanted to improve the wellbeing of animals in captivity, so I chose the path of a Biologist/Ethologist. Animal behavior always fascinated me. I made a thesis on environmental enrichments for Meerkats at Skansen Aquarium and developed three foraging tools for them. It was amazingly fun and interesting, I got the honor to hold a presentation of my work at Borås Zoo´s Environmental Enrichment Conference 2009.

Jag har haft många olika smådjur och de kommer alltid att vara en stor del av mitt liv. Katter och illrar kommer alltid att ha en särskild plats i mitt hjärta. Nu består familjen av mig, katten Loveme, illern Phoebe, jordekorren Luna, två frigående kaniner samt ett gäng tammöss och nataler.

Jag har en master i biologi med inriktning på Etologi. Under min utbildning fick jag lära mig mycket som jag har stor användning för idag. Även om vi inte gick in så mycket på olika arter och vad de specifikt behöver för att må bra så gav det mig en värdefull förståelse för hur man kan studera djur. Det fick mig att söka vidare kunskap, något jag fortfarande gör var dag.

The purpose of Djurlycka

For me, it is really important to separate facts from "facts" when talking about animal care and welfare. I have noticed that alot of people trust what anybody says, they believe what they read on the internet without questioning the quality of the information. This has led to the circulation of many myths and incorrect claims about animal care. I want ​​this website to act as a center of trustworthy info about pets. To make sure of this, I give references and gather info mainly from science and from people with good excperience and knowledge.

I hope that alot of people and happy pets will enjoy this website